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by Oliver Schmidt (

Binary download
Source in svn

Binary download (local copy - old 1.10.4)
Source download (local copy - old 1.10.4)

changes from version 1.10.3 to version 1.10.4

- user interface to toggle enhanced disk speed re-added
- crash when opening image for previously empty spinning drive fixed
- image detection on filename extension streamlined
- error handling on invalid images streamlined
- creation of .DSK and .NIB images from scratch added
- DOS 3.3 read address field routine detection removed
- DOS 3.3 change track routine detection and patching removed
- floppy drive lights display changed to be never both on
- double hires video mode in color mode corrected based on NTSC logic
- new "Color (optimized)" mode with fringe reduction added
- 'F9' to cycle through the three color modes added
- memory leak when changing video mode fixed
- capslock handling streamlined
- (US-)keyboard to character mapping based on internal table removed
- keyboard to character mapping based on windows keyboard driver added
- joystick emulation with keyboard values changed when several keys pressed
- "Paused" and "Stepping" display refresh fixed
- help updated - thanks to Brian K. Broker (
- copyright notice in version info changed

changes from version 1.10.2 to version 1.10.3

- fullscreen mode bug fixed (occured when using 640x480x8 windows desktop)
- user customizable color for monochrome video mode added
- help changed to HTMLHelp - thanks to Brian K. Broker (
- URL added to version info

changes from version 1.10.1 to version 1.10.2

- window position save bug fixed (occured on closing minimized window)
- flashing effect detection removed
- DC caching code moved from aw_video to aw_frame
- "Paused" and "Stepping" display code moved from aw_video to aw_frame
- help button slightly retouched
- button drawing and hittesting streamlined
- support for changing display color depth at runtime added
- joystick fixed to cover the full range of 0 to 255
- fullscreen mode added (using DirectX 640x480x8 mode)
- direct draw into video memory in fullscreen mode added
- dynamic refresh rate change from 20Hz to 10Hz removed
- fullspeed when spinning disk changed to stop on floppy motor turnoff
- 'Esc' to end joystick emulation with mouse removed ('F10' still there)
- 'Ctrl' + left mouse button to end joystick emulation with mouse added
- DELREG.INF added for removing registry keys created by APPLEWIN.EXE

changes from version 1.10 to version 1.10.1

- calibration crash fixed
- workaround for VC5 optimizer bug added
- workaround for 386 CPU removed
- workaround for Win31 removed
- workaround for NT3.x removed
- workaround for ctl3d removed
- workaround for OS/2 removed
- shadow added to large icon
- 256 color icon added
- version info added
- configuration data moved from HKLM to HKCU
- custom title with drive number added to image selection dialog
- "Paused" and "Stepping" moved to window title
- 16 color logo removed
- logo file format changed from LGO to BMP
- 256 color logo slightly retouched
- workaround for missing logo file added
- version display slightly moved
- error on missing MASTER.DSK removed
- reset changed to turn floppy motor off
- shell open DDE support added
- command line parsing removed
- drag & drop support added (drop to drive buttons selects image only)
- tooltips added to drive buttons
- readonly option added to image selection dialog
- window position save and restore added
- calibration lockup fixed
- monochrome video mode changed from green to white
- monochrome video mode changed to use every scanline
- palette message handling added
- palette support for buttons added
- run button changed to 256 colors
- video compatibility test removed
- frame buffer changed to always use 256 colors DIB section
- source video image changed to use 256 colors DIB section
- source video image creation changed to work on DIB
- source video image caching removed (*.DAT files)
- support for assembly language copy routines removed (FASTBLT.DLL)
- highres video mode dithering removed
- lowres video mode colors corrected
- lowres video mode dithering removed
- double hires video mode colors corrected
- double hires video mode dithering removed
- lowres video mode added to monochrome video mode
- registry key CurrentBuildNumber changed to CurrentVersion
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