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ROM-Drive for Apple ][

What is it?

This is a peripheral card for the Apple ][ series computers that acts as a disk drive all in ROM. Although it won't run DOS, it is fully ProDOS compatible and will appear as a read-only hard drive even when booting from another drive. It holds 1022 KB of disk data and 2 KB of controlling code making a full megabyte.

Why did I create it?

I drag my Apple //e out once a month or so to play games. I got tired of trying to find disks and connecting drives. I figured this way all my favourite games would be stored inside the computer. As a bonus, solid state electronics are much quicker than mechanical medium like disk drives. The drive boots ProDOS and into BASIC in under 1.5 seconds.

How do you get one?

The paragraph below is out of date. I no longer sell these unless you *really* want one. By that I mean you'd have to want two or more. This is because I no longer have any boards left and I have to have them made in quantities of 8 or more to get the pricing about the same. Email me for more info.

To get your ROM-Drive customized with your choice of software on it, you will need to have a disk image (or disk images). The best way to do this is with an emulator running on a PC or Mac. To be sure you get exactly what you're expecting, it's best to use Apple II Oasis which allows you to create a 1022 KB hard disk image. Optionally, you can put 1022 KB of ProDOS files contained within several standard 140 KB .DSK or .PO disk images. Fill the drive with your choice of ProDOS compatible files and then email me for further instructions. Pricing is $80 Canadian including shipping in Canada, $60 U.S. including shipping to the U.S. and $55 U.S. + shipping for international orders. This pricing is just slightly above my costs and the boards are available in limited quantities. Also available as an option is a ZIF socket and extra ROMs so you can easily swap disk images for more space.
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